Ride Height & Weight Requirements

Height and Weight Requirements

For your protection, height and safety requirements will be enforced on all rides and slides. Guests with certain body proportions, or of certain heights and/or weights, may not be able to enjoy certain rides if the safety restraints will not operate as designed. Specific ride information is available at each ride. For safety reasons, taking pictures, video taping or filming while on rides is prohibited.

Rider Responsibilities

There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride or attraction. Patrons have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while participating on any ride or attraction. Patrons also have a duty to obey all verbal and/or written warnings and to behave in a manner that will not contribute to injuring themselves or others. Each rider must know the range and limits of the ability of said rider and that the requirements of the amusement ride will not exceed those limits. GoPros and selfie sticks are not permitted to be used on attractions.  Violation of these codes will result in expulsion from the Park without a refund or other compensation and, if applicable, also lead to the revocation of the violating Guest’s season pass.