Pre-paid groups* of 20 people or more are permitted to bring outside food, beverages and coolers into the Forest Pavilion Picnic Area through the Group Gate only. All food, beverages and coolers brought into the Park through the Group Gate must remain in the Forest Pavilion Picnic Area. Guests not with a pre-paid group may consume food and beverages in the exterior picnic areas adjacent to the primary parking lots. Picnic tables located in the exterior picnic areas are available on a first-come/first-serve basis and cannot be reserved. Clementon Park & Splash World reserves the right to search all bags, purses, baskets and persons before entering the Park. *Pre-paid groups are defined as a group of 20 Guests or more that have purchased a block of twenty or more tickets at least 2 weeks prior to date of visit. Reserved seating in the Forest Pavilion Picnic Area is subject to availability.

Not only are consignment tickets a great perk for employees,
it’s cost-free to the company and it’s the best Any-Day ticket
price you’ll find anywhere. 


It works like this: 
Clementon Park & Splash World consigns tickets to your company, which makes them available to employees.  At the end of each month, payment is sent for all tickets sold during the previous month.  At the end of the season, all unused tickets are returned and an invoice is issued for the remainder.

For more information contact our Group Sales Department at 856-783-0263,
select option 3.

Consignment Store